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What is my coin worth? – Identify, Price & Value in 5 minutes

07/19/2021 • reading-time 6-8'

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This article is probably one of the most important on Here you will learn how to find old & valuable coins.

Want to check your coin values? Read on!


How much is my coin worth?

We all know that pieces that reach exorbitant prices are extremely difficult to find. However, the good news is that within the category of antique coins, there are many pieces whose sale can bring you great profits.

How to check coins value

These types of coins are much easier to see than others and are more available than you think.

You just have to learn to identify the coins that have value for selling.

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Knowing the value of my coin

On many occasions, the price of valuable coins is not in relation to their appearance. There are a number of characteristics that will determine whether you have old coins with monetary value.

If you need an appraisal of valuable coins, it is best to take it to a numismatic appraiser. If, on the other hand, you need a rough valuation, with the help of this article and a little research on your part, you will be able to find out which are the most valuable antique coins in your collection.

Our method of identifying a coin’s value

Here is a step-by-step guide to knowing the value of your currency. By just following these steps, you can obtain your own coin value guide.

To make the process very simple, we will use an example as a guide. In this case a Roman Denario Macrino.

#1 – We search for an old reference coin in

In the search box we search by keyword. In our case ‘denario macrino’, a roman coin.

coin worth a lot of money

In the case of having a subscription (about 75 dollars a year), you would already see the price. In our case, we will do it for free, because we will get the price from another place.

Thus, we will look for a coin of a similar type and state of conservation. We will also have a good reference of the real current value if the auction date is recent.

old indian coins value list price

We are looking for:

  • Name of the auction company – for example, AUREO & CALICÓ S.L.,
  • Auction number – for example, 324
  • Lot number – for example, 27
old coins value philippines price

#2 – We locate the final price in the auction at

This powerful antique coin auction aggregator will allow us to know the real value that the coin reached in the auction.


And just like that, we finally find the auction company, its number and lot. For example, in our case:

how do i find value of old coins

In our case, the price would be 266 euros. But we would have to add the auction house’s commission, usually of 18%.


The value of this currency would therefore be 313 euros.

In the case that we would like more references, we can examine in detail three coins of the same category.


What’s my coin worth?Alternative methods

Heritage Auctions focus on valuable American coins

eBay – the problem is that often, professionals do not participate, so there are prices well above the real value.

Disadvantages of Old Coin Lists and Catalogues

The answer is not too much. You’ll understand perfectly if you take into account these three reasons.

  • They are incomplete: not only are many rare coins missing but sometimes even very common coins are absent from auctions.
  • The value of old coins moves: while the price of coins changes over time, their respective price in catalogues does not.
  • Publishers manipulate prices according to what they are interested in selling. It is common to put cheap prices on expensive coins and expensive prices on cheap coins.  The difference between the catalogue value and the auction value can be up to 500%!

Antique Coins and Prices

There are countless old coins, each one minted in a specific year and framed within a period of history. American and Chinese coins are not equally traded, and the demand of collectors in Mexico is not comparable to that in Bolivia. As always, the price of a coin is related to the volume of demand.

We are talking about a great diversity of countries, each with its own market of coin buyers. To know the price of any coin with a certain age, you must value them in an objective and honest way based on the parameters detailed below.

How to grade your coins

To find out how much the old coins in your collection are worth, you need to know:

1 – Is it a real antique coin?

In many cases, the year is printed on the same coin. Take some time to determine this fact, as it is very significant. Sometimes the years are the most important, like 1949 or 1975 for old Spanish coins (old Spanish coins from 1870, for example, are very sought after) and sometimes the period is more important, as in the case of the most valuable Mexican coins.

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2 – Is the coin authentic?

When talking about old coins, it is important to determine whether your coin is an imitation or a replica. To do this, make sure that the surface layer is not made of a fraudulent metal used to make it look old.

3 – Find out which Mint issued it

The mint is very important in finding out which historical coins have value. If you also know how to find out their matrix, you will have a lot to work with.

4 – Identify the material of the coin – gold, silver, copper etc.

Except for rare occasions (such as valuable American pennies), the material of the coin is in direct relation to its value. You should check:

  • The purity of the metal – is it silver? Could it be an ancient silver coin?
  • The type of metal in the coin.

5 – The state of conservation (Grading)

A decisive aspect in the valuation of coins is their condition. What does the surface patina look like, what color does it have – green, black? Does the coin show signs of oxidation? The condition of the edge and the bead will indicate whether it has been trimmed, reground or resealed.

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