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Penny Values Chart Today – List of 7 Most Rare and Valuable (Up To $100,000!) – Mintmarks & Key Dates

Updated 12 Jan, 2022 •reading-time 6-8'

Would you like to know which valuable pennies are considered important U.S. coins with value? Here’s a penny for our thoughts.


  • Evaluate the amount of wear of your valuable penny is usually the key aspect to determine the coin’s market value. In some particular cases rarities or errors may raise the price.
  • Selling your valuable or rare penny by their melt value should always be the last option. A better idea would be to find out all the information about your coin so you can determine the real and updated value.
  • In some cases the price trend is clearly upward, so it can be a very good investment if you want to sell it after a few years.

Made in the United States since 1856, these valuable little coins can give more than a few surprises as far as their value is concerned.


In this post you will know...
  • What year pennies are worth money
  • What pennies are worth money in 2022
  • Update list & penny values chart in 2022

If you want to know the sales prices quickly, you can see them below. However, whenever we talk about coin prices, knowing a lot of details and additional information can be decisive. Therefore, if you have 5 minutes, we recommend you to read this article in its entirety.

Rare and Valuable Penny values chart (2022 Update)

What pennies are worth money?  It’s curious that precisely one of the most humble currencies in the United States can reach such extraordinary prices. Here is our pennies worth money list based on recent auction records.

Year Variety Auction Record Value
1944 Steel Wheat $77,000-$100,000
1943 Copper Wheat $86,000
1873 Indian Head $10,000
1914 D Wheat $5,500
1877 Indian Head $3,200
1926 Wheat $3,000


Pennies worth money list

Want to know what year of pennies are worth money or just what penny variety to look for?  Some of these cents can become extremely valuable, like the first place on our list that reaches $100,000!  

#1 – 1944 Steel Wheat Pennies


Are wheat pennies worth anything? The answer is most definitely – yes!  Its value does not correspond to their size at all… keep reading to know more. It is truly amazing!

Among the list of cents that are worth a lot of money, this coin stands out. For reasons that are still uncertain, a few were minted in steel in 1944. Experts claim that plates of this metal were slipped in during the minting by mistake.

These steel coins can be sold to American coin collectors for values ranging between $77,000 – $100,000.


#2 – 1943 Lincoln Copper Wheat Pennies

1943 Lincoln Copper Wheat value chart
Source: PCGS

With an average value of $60,000, these pieces can reach $86,000 in numismatic auctions. As with the steel ones, they are thought to have been minted by mistake.

Watch out! Given the price of these 1943 pennies with copper, many counterfeits are in circulation. Although many of them are actually from 1948, the ‘3’ has been modified to look like an ‘8’. In this case, if you test the magnet and it sticks to it, you know it is a fake.

In fact, almost all of them were made of steel. However, due to the minting error or perhaps forgetfulness of some copper plates, during this year these copper pennies made that are so expensive today were minted.

By the way, experts believe that there are still many yet to be discovered!

#3 – 1873 Indian Head

1873 Indian Head
Source: PCGS

Among the most valuable, the next in line is the Doubled Liberty, which normally costs only $20, but in MS+ status can achieve whopping values of $10,000.

How to identify the Doubled Liberty variety?

Luckily it’s very simple – the word Liberty on the Indian’s head appears double-embossed (see image below for reference).

how identify double liberty penny
Doubled liberty error. Obverse detail.

Types of Rare and Valuable Indian Head Cents

The 1873 Indian Head one-cent piece comes in two types, depending on the opening of the ‘3’ in the year ‘1873’ embossment. In the photo above, the variety is the open type. On the other hand, the closed variety has a smaller opening between the upper and lower segments of the number ‘3’. Time to get your magnifying glass out!

us penny value chart 1873 open vs closed

Both varieties are valuable cents. But we coin enthusiasts are always talking about the Doubled Liberty. Otherwise, its maximum price is around $300.

What are pennies made of?

Copper, zinc… Its history is full of variations and ‘secrets’ that offer excellent opportunities for great profits!


#4 – 1914 D Lincoln Wheat

1914 D Lincoln Wheat value chart
Source: PCGS

This tiny piece ranks third in this select group. It is a rare American cent minted at the Denver Mint (hence the D) and can fetch prices of up to $5,500.

#5 – 1922 D Lincoln Wheat 

1922 D Lincoln Wheat
Source: PCGS

Two versions of this wheat cent, named for the crop depicted on its reverse, and minted at the Denver Mint, are known to exist – without the ‘D’ and with the weak ‘D’. Given the difficulty of verifying them, it should be the job of an expert to authenticate it. The most coveted is the one without the D, which could be worth several thousand dollars – $33,000 to be exact. For the rest, the standard price is $175.

#6 – 1877 Indian Head

1877 Indian Head cent
Source: NGC

Less than one million of these coins were issued in 1877. If we compare it with the following issue numbers of 7.9 and 5.9 million, we can understand why they are so expensive without having to search for hidden rarities. It reaches values of an enormous $3200.

#7 – 1926 Wheat with no mint mark

1926 Wheat with no mint mark
Source: NGC

According to various sources, this Philadelphia cent is a treasured collector’s coin, as it can be worth a whole lot of money – $3000.

Bonus: Beware of fraud

How do I know if my coins are made of steel?

penny value chart by year
Source: Pixabay

This type of coin are one of the favorite pieces for counterfeiters. That is why there are many supposed cents from 1943 made of this material that are just fakes. They are actually copper coins with a zinc coating, made specifically to sell them as genuine Wheat piece made of this metal.

How do you know if your valuable cents are fake?

Simple – with a magnet, you can tell if the coin is copper or steel-plated copper. If it sticks to the magnet it will be legit, otherwise, it is not.