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U.S. Valuable Coins to Collect – Collectible, Rare – Prices 2020


There are coins to collect and incredibly valuable coins. What pieces you should collect for profit if you decide to sell? Which are the best valuable coins collection to buy considering value of US coins?

  • Find the most valuable U.S. coins to collect
  • Collection of coins: a little initiation into the world of valuable coins
  • Knowing the factors that c use the price of a coin to skyrocket

How to easily detect coins with value

Contrary to what one may think, these American coins are relatively easy to find. They are coins that every collector values to his collection of coins.

This article could be very important to you. If you read it carefully you may discover valuable American coins in your surroundings. Bookmark it and refer to it as many times as you need..
  • These are large circulation coins: there are many copies, so it is quite easy to find them.
  • They are very appreciated by coin buyers, precisely because they are very common in the purchase and sale of American currency.
  • Their purchase value usually does not exceed $1,000.

Valuable Old Coins Most Wanted by Buyers

All the prices you will see are in US dollars.

Keep reading to find out which are the best priced U.S. coins!

coins value old

3 Sacagawea Collection Dollar

A beautiful One Dollar commemorative coin in honor of Sacajawea, a Shoshone Indian woman who helped lead the famous Lewis & Clark expedition from the Northern Highlands to the Pacific Ocean. At 88.5% copper, this important USA coin also has zinc, manganese and nickel and reaches a maximum value of $700.

2 Kennedy Half Dollar

Beautiful copper and nickel coin of 50 cents that was in circulation until very recently: from 1971 to 2018. In this case the highest prices that are usually reached for the normal editions of the ½ dollar are around 1000$. Like quarter coins, there are some that are so valuable that they can make their holder rich. Below are some of them. Visit 50p coins of value for more info.

1 Washington Quarter

Inside the U.S. valuable coins world there are many surprises. This is the case of the classic quarter.

Issued from 1965 to 1998, this valuable us coin can be worth up to $830 if it is in a Mint or Proof state. However, some quarter coins from other periods have special features and may reach much higher prices for American coin collectors.

Learn How to grade US coins value

Within numismatics there are a number of circumstances that can cause the value of a coin to skyrocket. This is the case of the pieces that you can see below.

But first you need to know…

Within the United States (US) the maximum Mint Certificate MS+ status is certified by very few entities. The really important ones are the following:

A nickel worth $4 million?

With a value of $3,500,000 in normal condition and $4,408,000 if MS+ these 5 cents are the rarest on the list. It’s the famous 1913 Liberty Head Nickels. Not so high priced, but also very collectable are the nickels from 1940.

They are so difficult to locate that there are only 5 pieces.
us coins value

Value of coins – The most collectible pieces

Within the category of valuable U.S. coins these pieces are the target of all buyers and sellers of collector coins. In this case we leave out the coins of the colonial era as the columnarias or the Cobs coins (post in spanish).

Morgan Dollars, Silver coins worth that you should collect

coins silver value

American Morgan Silver Dollars can reach exorbitant prices. They are certainly the most widely collected American one-dollar coins

  • Morgan Silver Dollar 1901 : Although the value of this American currency is around $48 in a normal state of conservation, those in a certified Mint state (MS+) have reached values of $425,000 at auction.
  • Morgan Silver Dollar 1883: In this case, due to its rarity, a normal coin is worth an average of $6,492, but if you are lucky enough to own an MS+ coin you should know that it can reach prices of $300,000 at auction for old coins.
  • Morgan Silver Dollar 1889 CC: With an average appraisal value of $1591 this 1 silver dollar coin reaches prices of $280,000 in Mint Certificate states.

In addition to Morgan Dollars, Peace dollars from the year 1921 are also highly valued, since both important coins in American numismatics coexisted on this date.

Half Dollars, within the group of valuable rare coins


A regular item at any old coin auction in the United States, 50 cent coins can fetch incredible prices.

Although there are many valuable 50 p coins, such as the Barbers, Liberty Halves, Franklins, or Kennedys (see above), the highest priced are the Capped and Drapped Bust.

We show you which ones you should buy at all costs if you come across any of them. It is curious that although their intrinsic value is barely over $7, their numismatic value is expressed in six digits.

  • Capped Bust Half Dollar O from 1838: We are talking about a coin whose minimum price is $160,000, you read right! But remember that the state of conservation must be that of other coins from the same period. If its state is worse the price is not the one we indicate, but lower. If you are lucky enough to have one of these coins in a Mint Certificate state, you probably already know that you pay $745,000 for each one.
  • Capped Bust Half Dollar from 1817: Very hard to find coin. Its minimum price is $100,000, and in Mint Certificate condition a buyer of old coins can pay up to $500,000.
  • Drapped Bust Half Dollar 1797: This half silver dollar has a minimum value of $200,000 and an auction value of $500,000 in case of MS+ status.

What Valuable Quarters worth money?

Some U.S. Quarters that were in circulation during the 19th century can also reach significant values. Take a look at this list and you’ll know which ones you should keep in mind in case you run into them.

  • Draped Bust Quarter from 1804: With an average value of $1,600 these American coins can be sold for a maximum price of $158,000.
  • Liberty Seated Quarter 1870 CC: This year marks the beginning of the CC – Carson City mints. It averages around $7,800, and reaches prices of $150,000 at numismatic fairs and auctions.
  • Liberty Seated Quarter of 1871 CC: With a minimum value of $1,622, it is the third most quoted coin on ¼. It can achieve valuations of $115,000.

Rare coins: Valuable pennies

valuable coins pennies

This small coin is extremely important for a US coin collection, so it is essential to become familiar with them. Among the categories of coins you should look for are the 1943 pennies and the wheat penny from 1944.

Valuable coins to look out for: Dime coins

Due to their high silver content many of these silver dimes were melted down to take advantage of the material. However, the Liberty Seated Dime is now trading at much higher values.

It is precisely those with the CC mint mark -Carson City- that are the most difficult to find and, therefore, the most valued by buyers of old coins in the United States.

  • Liberty Seated Dime from 1874 CC: Average value of 3200$, can reach 115,000$.
  • Liberty Seated Dime from 1872 CC: Value around $420, can be priced up to $85,000.
  • Liberty Seated Dime of 1871 CC: With a normal value of 1150$ if it is in MS+ condition it will reach 75,000$.

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