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(Price Analysis) Quarters worth Money – Lists of Most Valuable coins, Prices and Key Years


US Quarters are one of the most collected valuable American coins. They are usually very affordable pieces for collectors, and nowadays, it is a very easy to follow and cheap series to complete year by year.

However, the more you go into valuable US quarters, the more interesting they become. Any collector of current quarter dollars will find this post very insightful as a way of deepening the study of these highly collected coins.

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Quarters Worth Money – Key Factors

Which quarters are worth money? Factors such as the series, the conservation, the coin’s year of mintage or its rarity, determine the price of a quarter dollar. In numismatics, small factors can make the price vary greatly.

For the price list, and to compare some references with others, we will always give the estimated price of a coin encapsulated by NGC or by PCGS in MS60 status. As the degree of conservation increases, the price also increases exponentially, especially for the more expensive coins.

List of Rare quarters to look for

Here is a list of the value of quarters. Some of them reach sky-high prices!

Quarters worth money list (updated 2021)

TypeYearMintPrice (MS60)
Seated Liberty1872Carson City$60,500
Barber Quarter1901San Francisco$39,500
Seated Liberty1858San Francisco$21,800
Standing Liberty1918/7San Francisco$19,000
Seated Liberty1849New Orleans$18,200
Seated Liberty1872San Francisco$17,500
Barber Quarter1896San Francisco$17,000

Top Seated Liberty Quarter

1872CC – $60,500


With a circulation of only 22850 units, this coin is extremely rare in high conservation. Only two specimens with an MS graduation have survived to this day, and they reach enormous prices in the market. It is only accessible to the most elite collections.

1858S – $21,800

valuable quarters years

The quarter dollar minted in 1958 San Francisco, could reach incredible prices if any are MS60 graduated specimens. The truth is that this value is a guide because the population the surviving population today is so scarce that there is no known coin without circulation.

How to sell your coins (2021 UPDATE)

1849O – $18,200

quarters worth keeping

1849 is one of the rarest dates on 25-cent coins. There is no official record of their circulation, but it is believed that they are all included in a surrender of 16000 copies made in 1850, so there would be less than 16000 units. It reaches a price in MS60 of about $18,000.

1872S – $17,500

valuable quarters list

The case of this piece is most curious. It has a relatively high print run compared to the other examples on this list, but it coincided with a change in the minting standard in 1873, so that almost all the specimens were destroyed. You can count on the fingers of one hand the number of well-preserved units that managed to survive to our time.

1852O – $17,000

valuable quarters to look for

The 25-cent coin minted in New Orleans in 1852 has a similar story to the previous one. Despite the relatively high circulation of almost 100,000 units, most of the production was melted down, so only a handful of units remain in good condition – which are highly sought after by wealthy quarter collectors.

1864S – $14,500

valuable old quarters

This valuable old quarter dollar, coined in San Francisco, has a circulation of only 20,000. This very short print run explains the exorbitant prices reached in the collector’s market by the few highly preserved units that survived the Civil War.

1867S – $14,000

rare valuable quarters

Although this coin has a higher circulation than the other specimens on the list, it is in high demand in terms of conservation. It is not easy to find, as the obverse of the coin was treated very aggressively, so almost all the specimens we know of have been discovered with a very poor minting quality. For this reason, the existing coins with good quality coinage cost more than $14,000.

Barber Quarters – Big Three Quarter Dollars

1901S – $39,500

most valuable quarters us

Apparently there is no reason to explain the rarity of this highly preserved piece. It is by far the most difficult barber quarter to come by in any collection, and one of the rarest coins in all of 20th century American numismatics. The small quantity of units that have remained in good conservation today, makes its prices in the numismatic market disproportionate to its initial print run of 72,664 pieces.

1896S – $17,000

valuable state quarters errors

The quarter minted in San Francisco in 1896 has a greater number minted than other years – in total 188,039 units were produced. Due to the rarity of the well-preserved specimens, they have been brought into the present in one of the key dates of the series. Together with the 1901 and 1913 issues they are called the Big Three Quarter Dollars.

1913S – $16,000


However, it should be noted for the last component of the Big Three, that the reason for its shortage is known. Only 40,000 copies have been minted. Yet, despite consisting of the fewest units, the fact that in the 1930s boom of numismatic collecting, it was only 20 years old, has meant that more specimens have been preserved in collections than its two older sisters.

1909O – $4,000


The price of this 25-cent coin has more to do with the poor quality of the New Orleans Mint than with its circulation, as 712,000 units were produced. However, the specimens in conservation and of high quality are in great demand due to their scarcity.

1897S – $1,900


Another example of the scarce production levels of the San Francisco Mint in the 20th century’s inaugural years . Only 542,000 were produced, the fifth smallest print run of the Barber Quarter Dollars.

1901O – $1,900


The rarity of the 1901 quarter issue in New Orleans also has more to do with the scarcity of good coins that have survived the 20th century than with its circulation. 1,612,000 pieces were produced, a considerable number, and by far the largest in the series of valuable Barber Quarter dollars. Undoubtedly, it is one of the valuable quarters to look for.

1914S – $1,800


Only 264,000 units were minted of this 25-cent coin, one of the most valuable in the series.

List of the Most Valuable Standing Liberty Quarters

Rare Valuable Quarter Error: 1918/7S – $19,000


In this issue of 1918 over 1917, we will make an exception in our policy of not reporting variants because of their numismatic importance. An undated stamp from the Liberty Quarter Dollar stand was first stamped with the year 1917 and then the last digit was corrected with an 8.

It is not yet clear why neither the San Francisco nor the Philadelphia mints detected this error, which would have led to the use of a new stamp.

However, thanks to this ruling, we have one of the most valuable and prized 25-cent coins for collectors.

How to sell your coins (2021 UPDATE)

1916 – $13,800


The premiere of the new design of the quarter-dollar, with the motif of freedom personified, caused a real stir in its day. There were many collectors and outsiders who wanted to have an example of the quarter’s new design, meaning that even a few months after its launch, it already sold for more than a dollar.

1927S – $5,300


The 1929 crash in the US economy meant that this year’s issues were heavily treasured by private individuals, since, as they are made up of silver, they will always have quite a lot of intrinsic value. This accumulation of precious metal led to a shortage of specimens in high conservation status, and this is why the 1927 25-cent coin ranks third on Standing Liberty Quarter Dollars’ list of most valuable coins.

1923S –$2,650


There is a small imbalance in this list. We compared prices of coins in the same condition, MS60. However, to a lesser degree, this issue is even scarcer than its precedent in the list, the 1927-S quarter.

1919D – $2,050


At the end of World War I, one of the most affected sectors of the American economy was agriculture. The demand and prices of agricultural products suffered a significant recession, which also affected the production of quarter coins. This reference, minted in Denver, has a much lower circulation than its previous years, which resulted in a shortage of pieces for collectors until today.

1921 – $1,560


As with the 1919 Denver 25-cent coin, the 1921 Philadelphia issue was strongly affected by the American post-war economy. It is the only quarter with a circulation of less than two million, which affects its scarcity.

Valuable Washington Quarters

1932D – $950

Quarter coins in 1932 were not really necessary for the country’s normal monetary circulation. Therefore, the Denver and San Francisco Mints issued this coin only for collectors at first.

But word spread about the scarcity of this issue, and it quickly gained a very high demand from collectors and non-collectors, who decided that such a scarce issue was a good investment. Therefore, despite the US Mint’s order to increase monetary production that year at all mints, the coin minted in Denver in 1932 still remains the most valuable Washington Quarter in the series.

1936D – $575


It is unknown why this 25-cent coin minted in Denver in 1936 is so rare in high conservation status. It has a wide circulation, and was made available to the general public in uncirculated coin rolls. However, something caused this coin to be relatively common, but very scarce to obtain in high states of conservation, those sought by the most demanding collectors.

1932S – $450


Like the similar Denver coinage, the Washington Quarter Dollar, coined in 1932 in San Francisco, was first produced in a collector’s edition only. This caused it to be quickly accumulated by speculators, making this 1932 coin another of the key dates in the Washington quarter series.

1935D – $220


It is really curious how we can group the 5 most valuable Washington quarters into two groups. The 1932 issue, which was very rare, and the 1934-1935 and 1936 issues minted in Denver. Little is known about the reason why so few specimens have arrived in high conservation grades to this day, but the reality is that they are among the most difficult coins to obtain in the entire series.

1934D – $175

A relatively common coin in modest degrees of conservation, its price multiplies exponentially when we demand high quality from the coin we are looking for.

Valuable Quarters after 1965


The 1970 25-cent coin had a circulation of 417 million at the Denver Mint, plus another 136 million at the Philadelphia Mint.

As is to be expected, given its vast production number, it is only valuable in the highest states of conservation, and by collectors who seek absolute excellence in the coins they acquire.

How to sell your coins (2021 UPDATE)

If you want to know all the types of errors and variants of the most searched .

Along with other valuable quarters in circulation, it has an estimated price in MS60 state of about 50 cents at present, provided it is encapsulated by a TPG and certified as being in good condition.

Since encapsulating a coin of this type costs considerably more money than the encapsulated coin is worth, we recommend that if you have a coin at home, you take it to a professional to have it appraised first and tell you if it is worth the investment of certifying its degree of conservation.




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