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Editorial Policy – Valuable Coin Collecting & Numismatic Magazine

This page exists to provide information about our editorial standards and practices. is committed to providing high quality content – including written articles, videos and graphics/photos – on ancient coin investing including news, analysis, tips and opinions from both our in-house editorial team and list of contributors from around the world.

If you have questions, comments or concerns that are not addressed on this page, or if you feel a correction needs to be made to a particular article, please contact us by sending an email to [email protected]. Although we are unable to respond to all messages we receive due to their volume, we do our best to respond directly to readers’ questions.

We are dedicated to the study of ancient coins in their investment aspect. We cover many types of coins: American, Spanish, Mexican, and their buying and selling, market prices, appraisals, auctions, analysis, reviews and opinions. The information you read from our contributors, especially opinion/editorial articles, is not necessarily the expressed opinion of our editorial team.

Mission and purpose of the content

The mission of is to create, promote and share accurate and high quality information in the field of antique coin investing.

Our goal is to provide information to those interested in coin investing, whether buying or selling, to help them better evaluate their options and strategies and make more informed personal decisions regarding their money.

Disclaimer of responsability

The content of is intended to be informative in nature, but should not be a substitute for the advice and/or supervision of a professional numismatic appraiser. While many of our contributors and experts have respected certifications and degrees, and while some are professionals, the opinions and articles on this site are not intended to be used as definitive investment opinion.

As always, we encourage readers to speak with industry professionals if they have any questions. If you believe or suspect you may have some high value coins please speak to a qualified appraiser immediately. The information contained in this website is intended to supplement – not replace – the advice or information of a professional.

Editorial Practices

All opinion/editorial articles on are labeled with a special tag at the top of the article and a standard disclaimer at the bottom of the page.

Our in-house editorial team and outside contributors work hard to ensure that our information is as timely and accurate as possible. Most of our articles feature an “Updated On” date near the byline indicating the most recent date that article received significant changes. Corrections to previously published articles are indicated in the first paragraphs of the articles.

External links appearing in our articles are intended to provide additional context for the topic and to indicate the sources cited. The sites and resources linked to do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Coleccionistasdemonedas, our editorial team or our contributors.

Many of our articles include research references numbered in parentheses in the text. In the case of these articles, full reference lists can be found at the bottom of the page.

Independent nature of our reviews

Our reviews do NOT contain affiliate links. We do not maintain affiliation and sponsorship relationships with companies. Our reviews are based on the opinions and expertise of our editorial team and our contributors.

Intended Audience

The readers of are a diverse group of people interested in the world of ancient coins, either in their collecting or investment and buying and selling aspects. Our target audience is the general public interested in learning more about how to sell coins, what is the price of specific coins and what trend prices will follow in the medium and long term.

Our content is intended to be inclusive and open to anyone interested in ancient coins.

Additional resources on site practices and ethics

For more information on our terms of use, privacy policy and disclosure, please see the following links in the footer:

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