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(Analysis) Rare 2009 penny coins worth money – 2021 Value, Specials and Errors


Rare 2009 Penny – Value Estimated Value of 2009 Penny is: 

2009 Penny LincolnMS64MS65MS66MS67MS68
Early Childhood (Philadelphia)$6-7$10-12$20-45$200-850
Early Childhood D (Denver)$6-7$10-12$20-45$450
Formative Years (Philadelphia)$6$10-12$16-85$450-950$3,500
Formative Years D (Denver)$4-5$8-12$16-35$210-850$3,500
Professional (Philadelphia)$6-7$10-12$20-45$300-475$2,250
Professional D (Denver)$6-7$10-12$22-55$700
Presidency (Philadelphia)$6-7$10-12$20-65$225-475$1,300
Presidency D (Denver)$6-7$10-12$20-45$275-500$2,000

As you can see, in general, there are specimens in ordinary grades from 20 cents or even less, but there are some special cases.

The 2009 D Penny Lincoln Presidency auctioned by Heritage Auctions in an MS69 quality and RD patina fetched $2,040 in November 2018 (auction #1281).

The pennies are probably the most collected American coins in the world. Due to their circulation (because of their low value) they are usually found quite worn, which is why conservation is one of the most important factors for their higher price. Thus, it is precisely this aspect that makes them the rarest.

Below, we will explain

  • its history,
  • price differences by mint and 
  • rare errors that make a 2009 Penny more valuable.

Want to know the real value of your 2009 penny?

Read on to find out more

A little history about 2009 Pennies and their rarity

Since 1959, the backs of U.S. pennies have shown the Lincoln Memorial, however, in 2009 they decided to make a series of four designs commemorating the President’s bicentennial.

How to sell your coins (2021 UPDATE)

These reverses would represent various stages of Abraham Lincoln’s life to celebrate the anniversary. However, in 2010 they did not return to using the same reverses as until 2008, but instead used what is currently the penny design, the reverse shield, which contains the motto “E PLURIBUS UNUM” at the top of the reverse.

The bust of the president still appears, of course, as it has since 1909, even though the coin is not composed of the same metals. In the case of the year 2009, our penny has a weight of 2.50 grams and is made of copper-coated zinc.

What are the 2009 Lincoln Penny designs?

As previously mentioned, the series covers certain stages of President Abraham Lincoln’s life on his 200th birthday. There are four:

2009 Lincoln Penny – Early Childhood

2009 pennies value

This first design shows a cabin on the reverse. This cabin is like the one in which the president was born in 1809, on the Kentucky frontier. It is a sign of the humble beginnings of what would become the 16th president of the United States.

2009 Lincoln Penny – Formative Years


The second stage of Lincoln’s life represented in this series of pennies is his education. The president in southern Indiana, his new home, was engaged in plowing and logging, so he was unable to learn in school, however, he read everything he could to educate himself as can be seen depicted on this coin, where we see the president with a book sitting on a cut log.

2009 Lincoln Penny – Professional


The penultimate stage depicted is Abraham Lincoln’s working life after moving with his family to Illinois, where he also began to take an interest in politics. In fact, on the coin the future president can be seen in front of the Illinois statehouse, recalling his work as a lawyer and politician before being elected president in 1861, after having been elected in 1834 to the State General Assembly and in 1846 to the U.S. House of Representatives.

2009 Lincoln Penny – Presidency


Of course, the most important period for which Abraham Lincoln is remembered is his presidency between 1861 and his tragic assassination in 1865. To represent this, the reverse of the coin shows the dome of the U.S. Capitol still under construction, as it was at the time he was president during the Civil War. During this war, as is well known, the president declared the slaves free, a fact for which he is most remembered.

As for the obverse, the design of the pennies since 1909 is maintained, with the bust of Lincoln facing right under the motto IN GOD WE TRUST, with the word LIBERTYto his left and the year of mintage to the right. In the case there is a mintmark, as we will see below, it would be under the year.

Importance of the 2009 pennies’ Mint

The mints are the places of manufacture of a coin. Each mint produces a different quantity of coins, and this can vary the price greatly in certain cases. Next to the quality of the coin’s preservation, the place of manufacture of the coin is one of the most important factors to consider.

2009 Penny D Value

In the case of these pennies, there are only two mints, Philadelphia and Denver. In the first case, there is no marking on the coin, but the coins produced in Denver have a letter “D” under the year of manufacture, on the obverse.

How to sell your coins (2021 UPDATE)

How many 2009 pennies were made of each design at each mint?

2009 Penny – Philadelphia

  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Early Childhood: 284,400,000 units.
  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Formative Years:  376,000,000 units.
  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Professional: 316,000,000 units.
  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Presidency: 129,600,000 units.

2009 D Penny – Denver

  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Early Childhood: 350,400,000 units.
  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Formative Years: 363,600,000 units.
  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Professional: 336,000,000 units.
  • 2009 Penny Lincoln Presidency: 198,000,000 units.

As can be seen, these coins are quite abundant, although there are some differences between mints. More important for the value, in this case, is the difference in the quantity of the types. But above all the quality of such a common coin is what makes the difference between a very low or surprisingly high price.

Next, we will look at the best way to know the coin’s grade.

How do I know the quality of my 2009 D Penny?

The higher the grade, the higher the price increases exponentially, since it is a factor of great importance – especially in coins that tend to circulate a lot, as is the case of cents.

To know the state of conservation of the coin we own or want to buy we need to have an expert eye that comes with time and experience. That is why it is not a bad idea to resort to a TPG (Third Party Grading Service). These are companies dedicated to evaluating and providing a score to our coins according to their condition. In addition, they certify the authenticity and encapsulate the coin for security purposes, both for its preservation and to facilitate its sale.

Value of 2009 Penny: Rare and valuable errors

The 2009 Penny is not a coin with common errors, it is quite rare to find a coin with a minting flaw. It is therefore a factor that greatly increases the price of this coin.

Although there are no exclusive errors characteristic of these 2009 coins, we can find some specimens with this error in common:

2009 Penny – Rare – Double minting

We find on both the reverse of the 2009 Penny Lincoln Formative Years and the Lincoln Early Childhood a rare and valuable error, which is the double minting. In other designs, it may appear, but in these two it is more characteristic.

This consists of striking the coin twice at the time of manufacture, which gives it a thicker or double design.

In the case of the 2009 Penny Lincoln Formative Years, we can appreciate the error in Lincoln’s hands, which are somewhat deformed and a bit double due to the error.


In the Lincoln Early Childhood, this same type of error can be seen in the thicker-than-usual cabin logs.


How to sell your coins (2021 UPDATE)

The price of such an error can cost between $30 and $50 in medium-high quality, as it makes any 2009 penny very rare.


As we said at the beginning, pennies are one of the most collected American coins in the world – you can get your hands on all four 2009 penny designs to commemorate Lincoln’s bicentennial for little money in humble grades, or for a few hundred dollars with a gradation that will impress your fellow numismatic hobbyists.

Being so abundant, you will not have trouble finding them, and compared to other series or other coins, they are really affordable for an average pocket.

What are you waiting for to get your hands on this small collection of 2009 pennies? A common coin in quantity, but rare for commemorative purposes.