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U.S. Valuable Proof Sets You Should Be Checking – Value & List

Updated 23 Feb, 2023 •reading-time 6-8'
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Ed. note: This article is periodically updated to reflect the current price of most valuable coins. has rated as the most valuable U.S. proof sets:

# YearValueLesser GradeHigher Grade
11936 Proof Set$ 35,250PR66+PR67
21939 Proof Set$ 10,800PR65PR68+
31937 Proof Set$ 10,200PR65PR68
41990 Proof Set no “S” cent$ 8,265—-—-
51968 Proof Set no “S” Roosevelt Dime$ 6,325PR66PR66
Proof sets values ordered by amount. Source:


Although U.S. proof sets were first produced by the U.S. Mint in the 19th century, it was not until 1936 when proof sets as we know them began to be sold and targeted to the public. And they continue to be produced to this day.
They include a proof quality sample of each monetary value minted that year with denominations from 1 cent to a half dollar. Some proof sets also include the value of 1 dollar when this value has been part of that year’s production.

Key Takeaways

  • If we are looking for values belonging to the proof sets of the early years, it is best to try to get them in their original cellophane packaging, as they are very scarce.
  • Among the variants of the proof sets, the most valuable are those with some values without the San Francisco mint mark (S), and from 1968 onwards.
  • Check all the coins are uncirculated, without signs of use, handling without gloves, or opening the case. Thus providing added value to the proof set.
  • It is always best to buy or sell the proof sets as completely as possible, with all the values, original packaging, original documents, and the certificate of authenticity (COA).
  • If any of the values of the proof set are found separately, it will always be more valuable if the half-dollar denomination is of a higher grade (PR68-PR68+).

The origin of these proof sets lies in the demand of coin collectors to have a proof sample of all the monetary values that were going to be put into circulation that same year.
Normally, between 1936 and 1951, proof sets were not sold completely in their case as we know them today, but each value was presented and sold separately, in a somewhat precarious presentation.

In these early years, the values were preserved in cellophane paper as a unit, and each value was stapled in cardboard as a presentation. That is why it is common to find pieces from the early years with traces of adhesive, plastic, or paper stuck to them.
Due to certain factors, finding these early years’ values in their original packaging is becoming increasingly challenging. The passage of time causes the original presentation package to wear out, separating the set for a deal that interests a coin collector, sending the pieces to a TGP company for grading, etc.
Here we show an example of the 1936 proof set with its six values, from 1 cent to half a dollar, encapsulated as a set by NGC in preservations ranging from PR64 to PR67 in packaging made for the occasion by NGC:

1936 Proof set. Source: Ebay

Until 1968 the proof set coins were minted in Philadelphia, but in that year, production was moved to the San Francisco mint, easily recognizable by the appearance of the “S” mint mark on the coins.
Some proof sets are in high demand and have valuations well above the average price of the standard proof set. For example, we have very scarce proof sets, such as 1936, others made without the San Francisco mint mark or certain silver proof sets.

How much are U.S. Mint proof sets worth?

Let’s see which are the five proof sets that have had the highest value in the market in the last years:

#1 1936 Proof Set – $ 35,250

We begin our proof sets list with 1936, the first year that U.S. Mint struck proof sets. Despite being the most frequent year in auction houses and sales, it is also the most valued by collectors.
The highest price ever paid for a 1936 proof set was reached in April 2015 in a lot of 5 values encapsulated separately by NGC and graded between PR66+ and PR67. The final price was $35,250.

1936 Proof set. Source:

According to the auction house, the coins of this valuable and rare proof set had all remained together.

Another 1936 proof set was auctioned in January 2017 at $17,625. The five values were also graded by NGC individually between PR66 (4 of the five values) and PR68 for the nickel.

Also, NGC individually graded another lot of 1936 proof set in April 2012 that sold for $14,950 with grades between PR65 and PR67.

In this ranking of auctions of 1936, proof sets the first one graded by PCGS that we found is the one auctioned in January 2004 that sold for $13,800 with the five individually graded values between PR65 and PR66 (Source).

We continue with the NGC gradings for a 1936 proof set sold for $13,225 in 2010 with gradings of the five values between PR65 and PR67.

In November 2014, HA lot number 4237, graded by NGC in the individual long 5-value case with gradations from PR64 to PR67, was auctioned for $9,987.50. As a curiosity, it is rare to see at auction this type of long encapsulation with all five values together and graduations on the label.

We have left out showing more values of the 1936 proof set so as not to make the information repetitive, as this is a very common proof set in sales and auctions.
We will only say that this is a proof set that continues to appear in auctions at lower prices than those shown above, depending on the grades received for the group of its five values: PR67, PR66, PR65,…

#2 1939 Proof Set – $10,800

According to PCGS, the 1939 proof set is valued at $1,300, but in July of 2022, Heritage sold one for $10,800. This price gives us a good idea of the current valuations and demand for early proof sets.

These are the five values graded by NGC in individual capsules, with correlative numbers and grades between PR65 and PR68+ (this final grade corresponds to the half dollar).

#3 1937 Proof Set – $10,200

The second date of presentation of the proof sets is also highly sought after and in demand. Recently in October 2021, a 1937 proof set of 5 individually graded values by PCGS between PR65 and PR68 went for $10,200 (Source).
In September 2015, a 1937 proof set with NGC gradations somewhat lower than the previous example (between PR66 and PR67) fetched $8,225.

#4 1990 Proof Set no “S” cent – $8,265

Several things strike us about this set sold for $8,265 in November 2004. It is the original set, so all five values are together and UNCERTIFIED. However, the auction house indeed gives the 1 cent denomination a PR69 Red Depp Cameo, being the star of the set as it is the 1 cent without the San Francisco “S” mint mark, and the rest of the values PR69 Deep Cameo.

1990 Proof set no S cent. Source: Amazon

The key to the valuation of this set is the 1C without mintmark. The reason is that the 1990-S proof set with the mintmarks values has a much lower valuation: it can be obtained for $20.
It appears that the Philadelphia mint, who made the dies for the San Francisco mint, forgot to include the mintmark “S” punch on the obverse of the 1C value. Subsequently, the Mint produced 3,500 units of the 1C with this error. How many of them ended up in the 1990 proof set is still being determined (Source).

#5 1968 Proof Set no “S” Roosevelt Dime – $6,325

1968 Proof set no S Roosevelt Dime. Source: UCoin

1968 was the first year that the San Francisco Mint made proof sets, always with dies manufactured at the Philadelphia mint.
In October 2001, this rare 1968 proof set was auctioned with the famous Roosevelt Dime error without the hard-to-find San Francisco “S” mint mark. All five values were graded PR66 and priced at $6,325.

List of Proof sets by year

As you can see in this list, the value of the proof set depends on the year of issue and its state of preservation. Although most of them are less than 200 dollars, other series much more sought after by collectors reach much higher prices.

DateVarietyMintage (units)Perfect Condition Value (PR65)
1936 P 3,8378,52
1937 P 5,5424,761
1938 P 8,0452,278
1939 P 8,7952,059
1940 P 11,2461,713
1941 P 15,2871,713
1942 P6 Coins – Both Nickels21,1201,655
1942 P5 Coins – One NickelN/A1,459
1950 P 51,386658
1951 P 57,500752
1952 P 81,980285
1953 P 128,800256
1954 P 233,300131
1955 PBox378,200121
1955 PFlat PackN/A140
1956 P 669,38463
1957 P 1,247,95236
1958 P 875,65245
1959 P 1,149,29139
1960 PLarge Date on Cent1,691,60236
1960 PSmall Date on CentN/A42
1961 P 3,028,24434
1962 P 3,218,01934
1963 P 3,075,64534
1964 P 3,950,76234
1968 S 3,041,5099.13
1968 SNo S Mint Mark on DimeN/A18,331
1969 S 2,934,6319.13
1970 S 2,632,81011
1970 SSmall Date on CentN/A94
1970 SNo Mint Mark on Dime2,2001,028
1971 S 3,220,7336.65
1971 SNo Mint Mark on Nickel1,6551,593
1972 S 3,260,9966.65
1973 S 2,760,33910
1974 S 2,612,56813
1975 SWith 1976 Quarter Half and Dollar2,845,45011
1975 SNo Mint Mark on DimeN/A309,316
1976 SSilver Clad – 3 Coin Set3,998,62135
1976 S 4,149,73010
1977 S 3,251,15210
1978 S 3,127,7819.14
1979 SType 1 – Filled S3,677,1759.14
1979 SType 2 – Clear SN/A94
1980 S 3,554,8067.88
1981 SType 1 – Filled S4,063,0837.88
1981 SType 2 – Clear SN/A343
1982 S 3,857,4795.70
1983 S 3,138,7655.70
1983 SPrestige Set – Olympic Dollar140,36155
1983 SNo Mint Mark on DimeN/A910
1984 S 2,748,4306.65
1984 SPrestige Set – Olympic Dollar316,68051
1985 S 3,362,8216.65
1986 SPrestige Set – Statue of Liberty Half and Dollar599,31745
1986 S 2,411,1806.65
1987 S 3,972,2335.70
1987 SPrestige Set – Constitution Dollar435,49542
1988 S 3,031,2877.88
1988 SPrestige Set – Olympic Dollar231,66151
1989 S 3,009,1077.88
1989 SPrestige Set – Congressional Half and Dollar211,08752
1990 S 2,793,4337.88
1990 SNo Mint Mark on Penny3,5555,845
1990 SPrestige Set – Eisenhower Dollar506,12651
1990 SPrestige Set – No Mint Mark on PennyN/A6,231
1991 S 2,610,8337.88
1991 SPrestige Set – Mount Rushmore Half and Dollar256,95455
1992 S 2,675,6186.65
1992 SPrestige Set – Olympic Half and Dollar183,28555
1992 SSilver1,009,58631
1992 SSilver Premier308,05536
1993 S 2,409,3947.88
1993 SPrestige Set – Bill Of Rights James Madison Half and Dollar224,04567
1993 SSilver570,21339
1993 SSilver Premier191,14042
1994 S 2,308,7017.88
1994 SPrestige Set – World Cup Half and Dollar175,89355
1994 SSilver636,00935
1994 SSilver Premier149,32039
1995 S 2,010,38416
1995 SPrestige Set – Civil War Half and Dollar107,112102
1995 SSilver549,87855
1995 SSilver Premier130,10770
1996 S 1,695,24410
1996 SPrestige Set – Olympic Half and Dollar55,000371
1996 SSilver623,65536
1996 SSilver Premier151,36636
1997 S 1,975,00013
1997 SPrestige Set – Botanic Dollar80,00091
1997 SSilver605,47345
1997 SSilver Premier136,20548
1998 S 2,086,50713
1998 SSilver638,13434
1998 SSilver Premier240,65834
1999 S9 Piece Set2,543,40114
1999 S5 Piece Quarter Set1,169,9589.14
1999 SSilver 9 Piece Set804,565148
2000 S10 Piece Set3,082,5729.14
2000 S5 Quarter Set937,6006.65
2000 SSilver 10 Piece Set965,42167
2001 S10 Piece Set2,294,90920
2001 S5 Quarter Set799,23113
2001 SSilver 10 Piece Set889,69774
2002 S10 Piece Set2,319,76614
2002 S5 Quarter Set764,47911
2002 SSilver 10 Piece Set892,22963
2003 S10 Piece Set2,172,68413
2003 S5 Quarter Set1,235,8326.65
2003 SSilver 10 Piece Set1,125,75555
2004 S11 Piece Set1,789,48813
2004 S5 Quarter Set951,1966.65
2004 SSilver 11 Piece Set1,175,93455
2004 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set593,85239
2005 S11 Piece Set2,275,0009.14
2005 S5 Quarter Set987,9606.65
2005 SSilver 11 Piece Set1,069,67963
2005 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set608,97039
2006 S10 Piece Set2,000,42813
2006 S5 Quarter Set882,00010
2006 SSilver 10 Piece Set1,054,00863
2006 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set531,00048
2007 S14 Piece Set1,702,11617
2007 S5 Piece Quarter Set672,66210
2007 S4 Piece Presidential Set1,285,97211
2007 SSilver 14 Piece Set875,05070
2007 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set672,66238
2008 S14 Piece Set1,382,01794
2008 S5 Piece Quarter Set672,43855
2008 S4 Piece Presidential Set836,73017
2008 SSilver 14 Piece Set763,88783
2008 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set429,02151
2009 S18 Piece Set1,482,50239
2009 S6 Piece Quarter Set630,97617
2009 S4 Piece Presidential Set629,58514
2009 S4 Piece Lincoln Bicentennial Set200,00020
2009 SSilver 18 Piece Set697,36583
2009 SSilver 6 Piece Quarter Set299,18345
2010 S14 Piece Set1,103,81583
2010 S5 Piece Quarter Set276,29638
2010 S4 Piece Presidential Set535,39723
2010 SSilver 14 Piece Set585,40183
2010 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set274,03448
2011 S14 Piece Set1,098,83583
2011 S5 Piece Quarter Set152,30228
2011 S4 Piece Presidential Set299,85334
2011 SSilver 14 Piece Set574,175102
2011 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set147,90151
2012 S14 Piece Set794,002107
2012 S5 Piece Quarter Set148,49823
2012 S4 Piece Presidential Set249,26567
2012 SSilver 14 Piece Set395,443198
2012 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set162,44851
2012 SSilver 8 Piece Limited Edition Set50,169206
2013 S14 Piece Set802,46039
2013 S5 Piece Quarter Set128,37720
2013 S4 Piece Presidential Set266,67726
2013 SSilver 14 Piece Set419,72064
2013 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set138,45142
2013 SSilver 8 Piece Limited Edition Set47,971169
2014 S14 Piece Set714,66139
2014 S5 Piece Quarter Set115,17926
2014 S4 Piece Presidential Set229,41533
2014 SSilver 14 Piece Set429,529102
2014 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set119,25145
2014 SSilver 8 Piece Limited Edition Set42,614169
2015 S14 Piece Set662,93439
2015 S5 Piece Quarter Set99,50726
2015 S4 Piece Presidential Set222,06833
2015 SSilver 14 Piece Set387,460102
2015 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set103,36945
2016 S13 Piece Set595,21939
2016 S5 Piece Quarter Set91,75426
2016 S3 Piece Presidential Set231,58033
2016 SSilver 13 Piece Set369,874102
2016 SSilver 8 Piece Limited Edition Set49,647169
2016 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set95,71145
2017 S10 Piece Set568,68639
2017 S5 Piece Quarter Set88,90926
2017 SSilver 10 Piece Set358,100102
2017 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set89,632160
2017 SLimited Edition Silver Proof Set49,97945
2018 S10 Piece Set517,05339
2018 S5 Piece Quarter Set86,69426
2018 SSilver 10 Piece Set332,268102
2018 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set79,30045
2018 SReverse Silver Proof 10 Piece Set199,177121
2018 SLimited Edition Silver Proof Set49,480169
2019 S10 Piece Set600,42345
2019 S5 Piece Quarter Set78,92939
2019 SSilver 10 Piece Set412,50826
2019 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set78,585102
2019 SLimited Edition Silver Proof Set48,417160
2019 SAmerican Innovation Dollar Proof Set138,23623
2020 S10 Piece Set465,08045
2020 S5 Piece Quarter Set64,24239
2020 SSilver 10 Piece Set313,190102
2020 SSilver 5 Piece Quarter Set64,01226
2020 SLimited Edition Silver Proof Set49,995160
2020 SAmerican Innovation Dollar Proof Set102,22034
2021 SProof Set481,58945
2021 SSilver Proof Set274,630102
2021 SLimited Edition Silver Proof Set48,213160
2021 SAmerican Innovation Dollar Proof Set71,08428
2021 SAmerican Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Set44,77034
2022 SProof SetN/A45
2022 SSilver Proof SetN/A102
2022 SLimited Edition Silver Proof SetN/A160
2022 SAmerican Women Quarters Proof SetN/A39
2022 SAmerican Women Quarters Silver Proof SetN/A102
2022 SAmerican Innovation Dollar Proof SetN/A28
2022 SAmerican Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof SetN/A34
Proof sets by year. Source: Coinbooks


As additional information, in addition to numismatic stores, auction houses, internet portals, and others, today you can purchase many years of proof sets on the United States Mint website.

References and sources